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This is Barbara with Her Family. The picture was taken in 1990 at their home, then on the Colorado River in Arizona.  Listed left to right: front row is  Nigel Malari  and Jeremy Blancato.  I'm the one with the guitar (Charles Clever). Middle row is Barbara Brooks, Pam and Duane Keller, Kenny and Mary Keller, mother/grandmother..., Leah Hagood, Fallon Keller. Top row: Sherile Norrell, Larry Brooks, and Sherri Blancato

Barbara Ann Clever, 1954
Barbara Ann Brooks, 1995

As you can see, Barbara was still the beautiful woman she was at graduation from high school.

We have posted the texts from her memorial service with accompanying photographs.  To access each page, left click on the following underlined link. first select:  eulogy.htm  -then-  memories.htm -and-  bestyet.htm.

If you want to save any of the photograpsh to your computer for printing later, "right click" your mouse on the photo, then select: "save image as:"

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