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Welcome to "Revealed"
presented by Charles and Tish Clever

     Our personal life sketch follows, and at the bottom of this page you may access the on-line publication, The Wise Shall Understand. Everyone should study this important material containing God's warning of last-day deception.

    Many of our neighbors considered us "dirt poor." I was born one of ten children in a small country town in the Midwestern United States, but we possessed a wealth that cannot be measured by material possessions. My father and mother were motivated by a love and trust in God--He's the one who really cared for us after my father's emphysema left him disabled. My parents instilled in me a strong Christian character and old fashioned values that will be treasured throughout eternity. We were rich in love for one another and for our Heavenly Father. Dad played a major roll in my spiritual growth. As a young girl, when I would come to him with a question regarding interpretation of the scriptures, he would get out a Bible and counsel me to study and pray about the matter, stating "It is not what I know that will get you to Heaven, it is what you believe in your heart." He firmly believed that the Bible would interpret itself if we allowed the Holy Sprit, through prayer and Bible study, to guide us into all truth. This valuable lesson has followed me throughout my adult life.

 We got our first piano when I was a young girl of thirteen. Within a few weeks I learned to play simple gospel hymns on this second-hand instrument. My father taught me to embellish these simple tunes until I was soon playing well enough to accompany the congregation of our small country church. Among the fondest memories of my childhood is playing duets with my father as special music for local churches of every denomination. My greatest love today is playing those sacred songs for church services. Mom and dad organized us four oldest girls into a gospel quartet--we performed for the neighboring country churches.

Being a Christian comes natural for me--I cannot remember when I first believed. God has always been a part of my life. How important it is to "train up a child in the way he should go..." (Proverbs 22:6). The Christian walk is progressive, and I am still growing spiritually to a greater trust in Jesus, my Savior.


    I am very fortunate; in fact, blessed, to be a country boy. By being raised on a farm with horses, cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits..., trees, flowers, and a large garden, would reap later benefits--a tremendous appreciation of God's creation.  Our family was not saintly--church attendance was sporadic, at best; yet discipline was firm and moral values were emphasized. Mother divorced when I was age four, so grandfather was my male role-model. A retired dentist with a mining degree from Stanford University, grandpa was my mentor--he possessed perpetual motion--and I followed him around and observed his industrious qualities. A tranquil country life also gave opportunities to develop independent study habits. Learning the Morse code, my Amateur Radio license was earned in early teens. I assembled the first color t.v. we owned, as well as short wave transmitters, receivers, and other electronic equipment. When my children were young, we and their friends constructed a deep swimming pool of concrete in my back yard, and I would eventually build an apartment in the country.

Working as a railroad conductor provided an abundance of time away from home because train crews usually require at least eight hours rest before working a train home. This spare time provided ample opportunity for study. Taking such courses as photography, electronics, mathematics and guitar, the hours were passed in what I considered improving self worth. This love for independent study later rewarded me with a college degree and license as a Registered Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician certification, and Federal Communication Commision G.R.O.L licensure--this allows one to build commercial F.M. and television stations. But the habit of independent study provided the greatest benefit--a knowledge of God through self-study of His Word. This involves the continuous reading of the scripture, including nine different translations, and many other religious books.

The government's neutrality in religious matter offers a wonderful State  without religious persecution, but their promotion of evolution without equal time for creation strengthened my doubts about God's existence. Thus, without a knowledge of God, I traveled the road of hard knocks; but as one untimely born, God revealed Himself to me in a most dramatic way. Out of curiosity I attended a Christian study group. Nothing presented to me there was conclusive evidence that there was really a personal God--one that intervened in human affairs. Then they displayed some mathematical calculations from the Bible proving God's foreknowledge of historical events. This appealed to my intellect because I had previously spent several years studying mathematics for electronics. Then God found me in need of a Savior. Now my life is completely changed. In addition to surrendering my life to Jesus, He also led me to a spiritual companion--Tish, the woman at my side.
Together we unite in regular study, prayer, and church attendance. Because we know that God is real, personal, and offers much more than this world, we want to share our web page. There is MUCH MORE to life than most people imagine, and there are IMPORTANT DECISIONS all must make that will ultimately effect their eternal destinies. God also has a special message for you in Daniel 12. This book was "sealed until the time of the end" (verse 9). Now you can discover God's important message for humanity. We ask you to please read The Wise Shall Understand and make it a matter of personal commitment to serve God completely--He has EVERYTHING to offer.

    Do these people really believe this nonsense? I asked myself, while struggling not to prematurely abandon the discourse on Bible prophecy.    It was the fourth evening meeting and I had just about "had it" with this "religious nonsense." Then a numeric prophecy was explained. It was unlocked by a one-day equals one-year "key." The prophecy written over 500 years before the time of Christ foretold the 1260 years of persecution Christians must endure. Previously, this treachery was one reason I could not believe in God; yet here, the Bible described these events over 1,000 years before their fulfillment. Surely there must be someone in control of our destinies, I thought. Later studies of these mathematical prophecies led to the discovery that this "key" was even used by those who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. So, what I was learning is no secret, I just had not been introduced to this truth before. The "key" worked fine on the timed prophecies, some even predicted the exact year of Christ's baptism and crucifixion. But there is one place where the "key" would not fit--Daniel 12. Daniel 12 was closed until the time of the end.

My key ring has eleven keys, each for a different purpose. It does not seem unreasonable that God would use a different "key" to unlock a different prophecy that was to be understood only at the close of history. After much study and prayer the lost "key" was found by comparing the first and second chapters of Genesis. It is really quite simple (Wouldn't you know it!), and reveals several important truths, mainly the great sacrifice of God's own Son, and the beginning of the "tribulation" that Christ foretold. In addition, it reveals the time of the final end of the intense conflict between the forces of good and evil.

Daniel 12 is "unsealed" and other essential truths are presented in the following chapters with their related links. Please "bookmark" this site to your "favorites." Then, if you get lost following the links, you can always return to this HOMEPAGE and select the chapter you were reading.
§ We have used the King James Version throughout except where otherwise noted. To facilitate translation and understanding, some medieval words have been substituted with modern equivalents. For greater confidence in this publication, we suggest you compare quoted texts with any other non-paraphrased translation like the New King James Version, The New International Version, Revised Standard Version, The New American Standard Version, The Amplified Bible, The Jewish Publication Society of America's Holy Scriptures, or the Catholic Douay Bible, etc.--God has protected His Word, and they all emphasize vital truths.
§ Words or comments in square brackets [word] are not part of the original manuscript, but are mine or the translators, and emphasis is added by italic, bold or CAPITAL letters..

    It is best to read these stories in proper order as they are presented in an essential sequence for progressive understanding.

The Wise Shall Understand
Presented by Charles H. Clever

Chapter 1, Daniel 12 Revealed. The unfolding of Daniel 12 has an important message for today. It shows Jesus as the promised Messiah of the Old Testament prophecies, identifies the "Abomination of Desolation," who many are speculating about today, and the timing of the controversy between good and evil. There is also a link to the Ten Commandments of God and Daniel 12.
Select: revealed.htm

Chapter 2, The Abomination of Desolation Throughout History. The previous study revealed the identity of the Abomination of Desolation. Now Scripture is used to trace this Antichrist power through history to our present day. It has links to short stories that authenticate the Bible's prediction of persecution by this ignominious power. The first is about a saint's martyrdom (Perpetua) by Imperial Rome. Then, The Plight of the Vaudois is a brief description of one battle that characterized the centuries-old conflict to exterminate these godly people.
Select: romansys.htm

Chapter 3, The Mark of the Beast - 666. Trust and obedience to God is the emphasis of this chapter as it identifies the Beast and his mysterious number. At the end of this chapter is a link to Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter Dies Domini of May 31, 1998 and our comments. Also, there is a FREE book offer for National Sunday Law.
Select: 666.htm

Chapter 4, Will Israel Save the World? Who will be Israel's final ruler, Jesus or Antichrist? And the precise year of the close of probation for Israel? In addition to answering these questions, we discuss prophecies that predict the exact year of Christ's baptism and crucifixion and the beginning of judgment.
Select: 70weeks.htm

Chapter 5, What Happens When Christ Returns. Many are excited about the return of Christ but are confused about the events that transpire. This important study discusses this momentous event as well as the God's ultimate remedy for Lucifer's rebellion. At the end of this study, there are links to FREE on-line Bible studies; also, some important books are available there.
Select: coming.htm


1. For your convenience the entire text of Daniel 12 is recorded here. select: Daniel12.htm

 2. Have you forgotten the correct form of the Ten Commandments? select: Godslaw.htm

3. The story of a brave Christian mother who faced a wild bull and gladiator in the arena for her faith is linked here: Select: Perpetua.htm

4. One battle that characterized the centuries-old conflict to exterminate the Waldenses, a godly people living in the Alps, is linked here. Select: Vaudois.htm

5. Did the early church observe Sunday? We discuss scriptural evidence of this vital topic. Part two emphasizes the fact that Sunday was Abolished at Calvary. In addition,  Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter Dies Domini of May 31 is linked here. Select: Vatican.htm

6. Some deny the historical use of Vicarius Filii Dei which totals 666. We briefly explore the forged document, The Donation of Constantine, which claims Peter's infallibility passed to his successors.  Select: vicarius.htm

7. Do you believe that someone has claimed the right to change God's Ten commandment Law? It is true! To view this document, select: stultify.htm

8. Has a genuine likeness of Jesus Christ been passed to us through time? See and decide for yourself. Select: likeness.htm

9. Angelic Intervention. This is an fascinating story of the work of angels while we were doing missionary work in Mexico. One sighting was preceded by a voice from heaven.  You will enjoy these stories. Select: Angelic.htm.

10. Sunday Was Abolished at Calvary. Perhaps Christianity's best-kept secret  is the fact that Sunday was typified in Old Testament ordinances and met fulfillment at Pentecost and in the resurrection of Christ on  Firstfruits Sunday. Select: lordsday.htm

11. Moses destroyed the law of God in a moment of haste. One author explores the Apostle James' use of the term "law of liberty" and the clergy's eradication of God's law today, as well as  its effect upon Christendom. Select: liberty.htm

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