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Thought we would share some photos of Costa Rica.   Posted March 25, 2007

The first two are of a... well, count the toes--Yes, a three toed sloth. It visited us while we were holding a seminar in Guiacan. Here they call it a perezoso--means lazy. 

The beautiful butterfly is similar to what we call lunar moth.


This is Linsey with the flowers in her head. She is from the San Isidro Church--notice the little flowers spraying like falling fire-works--they are all over our property. The dog's name is Canella, means: Cinamon.


This is the dry month, and we have "city"-provided water from an artesian well--the children of a poor family about 200 yards away hauls our water in soda bottles every day--in another month the creek they get water from will be flowing.  They could get water from our hose, but they knock, then fill from the sink while eating a treat we give them.


Tish and our worker, Anolfo, are on the level portion of a "disputed" lot.  Years ago it was part of our rancho, and people were allowed to drive on this portion. No one else has a registered title so now we are trying to get it back for God's use.

Pray for us. If we can get legal title to it, it  will serve as a parking place for a church. The roof in the background is our house. We will need to build a ten-foot retaining wall down and to the right of the lot they are standing on--it must be filled level with dirt. On top ot that will be a kitchen/class rooms, and at the upper/third story, which has a highway passing by, we can have a church at the same level as the parking lot. It will be a massive undertaking, about $90,000 at best if I do the contracting/work, but the site has many advantages, like a paved thoroughfare to the beach, and many English speaking people live around here. Yes, keep us in your prayers as there is no bilingual SDA church in this part of Costa Rica


Blessings and AGAPE love, Charles and Tish