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Born July 22, 1940  ~  Died January 3, 2007

Services: New Talihina Cemetery
Talihina, Oklahoma
Tuesday, January 9, 2007, 10:00 a.m.

Clergyperson: Charles H. Clever

Inscription on Headstone:


     I have called you friends are the words of Jesus to His disciples. But Jesus was really our Creator, so it is God who calls us "friends."  God also gives his creation the ability to love each other as He has loved us.  For example, this is Puppy Dog. Jim's companion for the past few years of his life.  Puppy Dog, as Jim called him was always at his side.  If Jim drove to town, Puppy Dog was in his lap, then yipped as Jim bought items in the store, including his favorite dog food.

     Jim had friends where he lived in a mountain cabin above Talihina, Oklahoma. There was Orin, a 15 year old neighbor who helped Jim work on his car. And Paul, about 1/2 mile down the mountainous road, who drove him to pay bills, buy parts, and other things.  Then, me, Charles Clever, had been Jim's friend from elementry-school days. We served in the Boy Scouts together, got our Amateur Radio licenses, too. Kept in contact throughout the years, sometimes by radio. 
     Then about 1980 Jim showed up at my home in Arizona.  Needing a friend, I took him into my family circle. 
     In 2004 we finished a cabin on the crest of a mountain with a view through the pine and oak trees of a beautiful lake below about one mile away. For the deer we placed some mineral blocks and a sack of corn--even the squirrels enjoyed it. 

     Jim passed away on January 3, 2007 right after letting Puppy Dog out for a morning run.  My wife heard his cabin door close, then I made a routine check to see if he slept well the night before.  Jim had a heart attack several years ago, an this morning it just stopped beating while Jim lay comfortably in bed. 

   Jim had an honorable burial, including military guards and taps from the Air Force base in Oklahoma City.  We will miss Jim; when you have known someone the largest portion of your lives, there is a vacancy that can not be filled.  Now his care is entrusted to God, who will faithfully judge our cases without bias, intimidation, or bribery.  God never errs, and heavenly intelligences determine if we can inhabit eternity with them--perhaps we will meet Jim Shaddox again.  Charles Clever K6LVL/KA7LRI

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Blessings, Charles Clever