Unscrambling Powdered Eggs

by Charles H. Clever, Registered Nurse

    Frightful as it may seem, cholesterol molecules in powdered eggs, as well as fresh eggs yokes used in preparing egg pastas, cookies, and other common foods, become cell-destroying oxidized molecules in the presence of oxygen during storage. This also happens more slowly to animal fats and cheese under refrigeration, and smoked or sun dried beef jerky, sausages, fish, etc. (The premature death of Grace Ureña is a classic example: Appendix 2 of clever-diet.org).
     Oxidation produces free radicals. These charged particles attach to cell membranes and cause atherosclerosis, and are implicated in the formation of minute waxy-starch deposits called amyloids. This can be a factor in impairing organ function, chronic infections or inflammatory diseases; osteomyelitis, diabetes, Crohn's and Alzeimer's disease, immune disfunction, etc. In addition, these free-radicals acquire electrons from, and may kill, the host tissue--the ruptured cell can blow like an automobile tire. In addition to scarring or injuring your cardiovascular system and vital organs, these ruptured cells release a clotting component (prothrombin) into the blood stream. Once prothrombin enters the circulatory system we can detect it by blood tests--it initiates a series of chemical reactions that result in clot formation. As necessary as clots are to healing, they can obstruct arteries. Known as a thrombus, it may cause brain damage, heart attacks, pulmonary embolus, stroke (CVA), and other problems.
    The tests in the following table are indicators to show that cellular trauma is occurring. The damage is tangible, and the cell may sustain scars, or not be able to self-repair, resulting in cell death and adjacent cellular division to replace the vacancy--this accelerates aging. But the most obvious effects of systematic cell destruction are various pathological disorders, like diabetes, from a progressively injured pancreas.
     In the tests posted below, the Soluble Fibrin Monomer is the most important, it indicates thickening of the blood. Twelve hours after eating two powdered eggs shows 23.0--that is very high, especially because I do not eat flesh foods, and they could raise the level slightly. Had I not been on anticoagulant therapy, blood clots may have formed from the soluble fibrin and caused a stroke or heart attack. In addition, the internal cellular damage is accumulative and may lead to atherosclerosis, degenerative diseases, and organ failure. Do not eat powdered eggs or products containing whole eggs that have been unrefrigerated for an extended time.
The Laboratory Tests and Results:
      Powdered eggs, egg pastas, or other oxidized food, will digest over a longer period of time if served with oil, bread, salad, and other commodities. This may allow normal metabolic functions to mask the lab results; nevertheless, the cellular damage is the same, but it occurs over an extended time frame. For the two and six hour tests, the powdered eggs were eaten alone and on an empty stomach--as dangerous as it is, it would accelerated absorption and tissue destruction to give valid lab readings. 
     I wondered if free-radical damage could be a contributor to the epidemic diabetes among the Indians in Arizona; the Pima tribe is allegedly 90 % diabetic. Molecules alter in animal fats, dehydrated meat or eggs, and cheese, when stored in the presence of oxygen at room temperature for several days, and after storage in refrigerators for several weeks. With a higher fat content in oxidized animal fats, like dehydrated meat or old cheese, one would expect to see a greater rate of heart attacks, so I suspected oxidized cholesterol from eggs--it causes tissue destruction with less plaque deposits.   For this experiment powdered eggs were obtained from the Fort Mohave Indian Reservation. They were prepared from U.S.D.A. commodities to equal two eggs (20% of the package). For faster digestion they were fried in teflon without grease and mixed with enough water to blend to a fine puree. To reduce the risk of stroke (CVA), three aspirin were taken in the morning several hours before the powdered egg puree was consumed, on an empty stomach, and after fasting overnight (12 hours); the anticoagulant therapy was continued for two days. 
      The U.S.D.A.  All Purpose Egg Mix label shows the equivalency of two eggs to contain 480 mg cholesterol; I computed this out to about 2,073 million trillion free-radical molecules (2,073,000,000,000,000,000,000). Some of these ions will attach to existing cholesterol deposits, others will be consumed by your immune system's "Pac Men" called macrophages. Once full of cholesterol, these "Pac Men" become foam cells and may initiate the yellow streaks that line and infiltrate your arteries. The rest of these radicals, like electronic machetes, will attach to and damage cell walls by the millions, spewing prothrombin into the blood stream. 
     This is how the tests work: You do not need to slice me open for microscopic examination. Just like baby chicks prove that damaged egg-shells exist, these tests are the evidence that cell membranes are being actively ruptured. When digestion is in full swing, the destruction peaks, then gradually tapers off as these radical molecules neutralize by clinging to the tissue they damage--some are captured by your liver.  Keep in mind that while they were examining the blood sample, my entire body was still being internally destroyed by these renegade molecules. 
     We doubted if a PTT test would be sensitive enough to show damage because prothrombin is highly reactive and disappears in seconds as it rapidly converts to thrombin. We were wrong, the PTT did exceed normal limits. To ensure a valid reading, the more expensive Fragment 1 + 2 and Soluble Fibrin Monomer tests were also run (Thanks David and Lois for the help). To save cost, we only ran three tests at two, six, and 12 hours after eating two powdered eggs.  Also, these tests required a 250 mile drive and a night in a hotel--at my expense; Hemex gave me a discount on the  tests. 
     To prevent variant lab results from stress, for the 12 hour test I spent one day relaxing, then ate two powdered eggs with a "neutral" vegetarian meal of fruit, nuts and bread before retiring for the night. The 12 hour test was run the next morning--you will notice a relaxed blood pressure of 108/70. Internal damage had obviously subsided, but residual soluble fibrin was very high. That means my blood was still thicker than normal and, without anticoagulant therapy, would have formed clots in an attempt to heal the destroyed cells.
Blood Test of Charles H. Clever. Analysis by HEMEX LABORATORIES, January 30-31, 2001
The  PTT test indicates the precise time of cellular damage because prothrombin dissipates rapidly--it is difficult to detect and values decrease rapidly.       Fragment 1 + 2 is a byproduct from the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin. It lasts for a few minutes in the blood, and is easier to detect than the PTT; therefore, is more valid to show cellular damage. You will notice that its value descends like the PTT.       Soluble Fibrin Monomer shows that prothrombin had reached unsafe levels and is the last phase before blood clots form. For the 12 hour test, it shows a higher value because the evening  after the two and six hour tests, I consumed two more powdered eggs. Twelve hours later this test was run the next morning when the lab opened.   Blood clots can cause ischemic heart attacks and brain damage from lack of oxygen and nutrients to these vital tissues. Ongoing free radical damage causes pre-mature aging, organ degeneration; and often, visible distortion of  the skin. 

     Do not attempt this test unless you know your coronary arteries are clear, you are taking anticoagulants like aspirin or ibuprofen, and are under a medical doctor's supervision.

Hours from consumption:
Type of Test
B.P.: 138/78
B.P.: 118/68
B.P.: 108/70
PTT thromboplastin. Detects prothrombin that spews from ruptured cell walls. 
Normal Range 
24.0 to 36.0
36.6 High
32.6 High Normal, 
value decreasing
30.2 Normal
Fragment 1 + 2: Byproduct of prothrombin conversion.
Normal Range 
0.4 to 1.1
1.4 High
1.6 High
1.5 High
Soluble Fibrin Monomer. Blood thickens to cover fissures in cell walls. 
Normal Range 
0 to 17
20.0 High
21.0 High
23.0 High
     Two days after the Hemex Lab tests, a local lab near home tried to duplicate the PTT (Thanks, Perry). On the first series, I did not enjoy the baby food consistency of  blended eggs, so for this test I made it into a 12 ounce drink; it did not taste good either. The dilution delayed digestion and the PTT readings were not as pronounced but an elevation was noted. Live and learn--for future tests the powdered egg puree should not be overly diluted. The small PTT and blood pressure curve from consumption, and for three consecutive hours respectively are: PTT: 25.6, 26.2, 25.9, 25.7; B.P.: 122/90, 130/92, 124/84 118/72. Elevations in PTT values and  blood pressure should indicate vascular constriction and cell damage. There are different vascular constriction tests available, but these alone will not prove that damaged cells are rupturing and releasing clot-forming prothrombin into the blood stream--blood tests are necessary. 
     Those attempting to duplicate my results need a sponsor to finance the PTT and more expensive Fragment 1 + 2 and Soluble Fibrin Monomer--wholesale costs of lab materials is about $200 for each hourly test, so expect to pay more. The results may vary with the quantity and age of the dehydrated eggs or oxidized component tested. The PTT is the most difficult, and the fragments 1 + 2 are detectable for several minutes; soluble fibrin is detectable for several hours. Flesh foods may contain fibrin and influence the readings, so abstain from flesh foods 24 hours preceding this test. 
     Something to test is imported cheese wedges from Europe, they should show cell damage, too, and are highly reactive because they contain oxidized fats and cholesterol. A baseline blood test is important before consuming the medium. I would suggest blood samples be drawn from an intravenous catheter and the blood pressures obtained from the opposite arm; no stimulants (coffee or tea), and maintain an identical posture at each blood pressure measurement. At testing I weighed 198 pounds; smaller subjects will experience greater damage and higher readings; for example, a 30 pound child eating two powdered eggs will suffer about seven times the trauma (ever hear of infantile diabetes?).
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